Direct Deposit

Cut costs, reduce risk and offer a benefit your employees will love.

Direct deposit is an ACH service that can save time and eliminate the costs associated with issuing paper checks, while it lowers your risk of check-related fraud.

Employees appreciate Direct Deposit too, because they know their funds will be in their accounts on payday with immediate availability. In fact, you'll be able to deposit payroll quickly and accurately into employee accounts at any financial institution in the United States. You can split payroll automatically between multiple accounts, even multiple banks!

Direct Deposit is good for business.

- Stronger security, lower risk of fraud

- Eliminates the cost of writing, distributing and tracking checks

- More accurate case management forecasting

- Closer control over payroll and related expenses

Direct Deposit is good for employees, too.

- No more rushing to the bank during a break or over lunch

- Funds are in their accounts on payday

- Enhanced privacy and security

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