Same-day deposits - even when your office is closed!

With our Lockbox services, we can turn your check and credit card purchases into available funds faster than you can find your car keys and drive to the bank. We'll receive your check and credit card payments by mail and deposit them directly into your accounts, according to your detailed directions.

You'll save time and money by avoiding trips to the bank to make deposits. Even more important, Lockbox will give you the tools you need to post receivables and update your accounting and collections systems more quickly. Choose from a variety of imaging and reporting options to monitor the payments you have received.

Customized to fit organizations like yours.

Lockbox is perfect for companies and non-profit organizations that receive many checks and credit card payments by mail - and for those that receive fewer payments, but in larger amounts.

- Homeowner associations

- Property management companies

- Medical and dental practices

- Churches

- Utility companies

- Internet service providers...


Call today and speak with an expert.

We'll recommend a personalized combination of cash management services that will fit your business needs perfectly.

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Audrey Ketchum
Vice President
Cash Management