Positive Pay

Are you doing enough to protect your business against check- and ACH-related fraud?

According to the Secret Service, the FBI and the Office of Comptroller of the Currency, check fraud is a national epidemic, and it's getting worse every year. With losses totaling more than $5 billion each year, 13 fraudulent checks are written in the U.S. every second.

Partner with Home State Bank to fight fraud.

Our Positive Pay system automatically compares checks presented for payment with your check file and flags exceptions for your approval. (Or if you'd prefer not to release your check file, we can present every check for a pay/no-pay decision). The system can also report ACH transactions for your approval, according to the criteria you provide.

Join our effort to lower the risk of fraud. Help us make your business more secure by stopping fraudulent transactions before they impact your accounts!

Strengthen your business. Streamline your accounting.

- Improves your audit control

- Saves time and expense

- Identifies voided and incorrectly written checks

- Simplifies account reconciliation

- Allows you to fine-tune your own ACH-approval criteria to manage risk proactively

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Audrey Ketchum
Vice President
Cash Management