Our Financial Strength and Management Style

Home State Bank has served the needs of our neighbors here in Larimer County for more than 60 years. Through both “up” and “down” economic times, we have provided our customers wise counsel, a reliable source for business and personal loans, and a secure institution to safeguard their deposits. Today, with over $545 million in assets, we offer them the strength of the largest locally owned bank in Larimer County.

Our bank’s steadfast service and financial stability are attributable to the conservative management principles that have guided us for years – and continue to guide us today.

Following our conservative principles, for example, Home State did not make sub-prime loans. Nor did we buy sub-prime loans made by other banks. (If you’re wondering what a “sub-prime” loan is, click here for a simple explanation).

Following the same practices, we do not seek out “brokered deposits” (deposits from outside Colorado) or offer loans to borrowers in other parts of the country.

Our mission is crystal clear:

To build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships between staff, customers and community by delivering sound financial solutions and exceptional customer service.

Home State is a true community bank. Home State Bank accepts deposits from local individuals and businesses.

We offer loans to local individuals to help them reach their personal goals for home improvement, a college education, a new car, or a well-deserved vacation.

We offer loans to local businesses to help them finance their payroll, inventory, equipment, facilities and working capital. This is the heartbeat of our local economy.

And for all of our customers – many thousands of individuals, families and businesses here in Northern Colorado – our job is to make sure that the services we provide are prudent and truly beneficial for all concerned.

That’s why we’re here.

We have money to loan – to meet your mortgage, business or personal needs. Give us a call. Or stop by any of our branches throughout Fort Collins, Loveland, Berthoud or Windsor.

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