Savers 20/20

The savings account for those without a crystal ball. 

Not sure what the future holds? Not to worry. With a Hometown Savers 20/20 account from Home State Bank, you can get a great rate of return - about the same as a CD - but without tying up your money or locking into today's rate. It's the perfect savings account for those who want the security of a CD without the limitations. Add funds at any time. Pull money out once a month. And when rates go up, your Annual Percentage Yield (APY) can too - up to two times during the 20-month term.  Who needs a crystal ball?  You've got Home State Bank.

• 20 month term, $20,000 to open

• Up to two rate increases during the 20-month term - when rates go up, visit a branch to increase your rate

• Add additional money at any time, in any dollar amount

• Withdraw funds up to once a month at no charge - additional withdrawals in a calendar month, $20 each

• 1% penalty for withdrawals that take account below the $20,000 minimum

• Interest compounded daily and paid monthly on all balances

• Automatic renewal based on current interest rate

• FREE online banking - 24 hour access to your account information

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