Contact Trust Services

The Trust Services Department is located at 300 E. 29th Street in Loveland, Colorado. Appointments can be made for any branch location in Loveland and Fort Collins.

Please note that any message sent is sent via normal e-mail, and is NOT ENCRYPTED, so please do not include sensitive information.
Norm Rehme, VP
Trust Manager
Phone: (970) 622-7412
Cindy Kindsfater, VP
Trust Administrative Officer
Phone: (970) 613-2189
Mary McCambridge, SVP
Community Relations Director
Phone: (970) 622-7198
Natalie Miller, VP
Trust Officer and Trust Operations Manager

Phone: (970) 613-2160

Carolyn Hoffman
Trust Senior Support Specialist

Phone: (970) 613-2165

Sandy Meyer
Trust Support Specialist


Phone: (970) 613-2167